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'Cake' by Coco Davenport

Porch - Glenda Alexander, Val White and Bruce Woodall

Porch - Janie Cummings, Pat Shaw and Coco Davenport

Porch - Barbara Coles and Mikail Davenport

Llano County Courthouse

Stonewall's Pizza Wings & Things - Wall Decorations

Llano Museum - Cash Register Last Owned by Adams Dry Goods Co.

Llano Museum - Edison Cylinder Record Phonograph, 1877

Llano Museum - Coco Davenport at Stand-Up Desk Used at Heath Mine,...

Llano Museum - View of Inks Bridge from Rear of Museum

Llano Museum - Log Cabin - Coco Davenport and Barbara Coles

Llano Visitor Center - Deer Sculptures Wearing Mardi Gras Beads

Llano Visitor Center - Deer Which Died with Locked Horns

'Red Top' Jail, 1895

'Red Top' Jail - Deer Sculpture Wearing Inmate Shirt


Today I left for the campout a bit later than I normally do. I arrived at the Riverway RV Park about 4:30. There were only ten members at this campout. Some have already gone to Colorado to escape the Texas summer heat and some were ill.

Our hostesses for this rally were Coco Davenport and Val White. The very talented Coco made a clever centerpiece that looked like a tiered layer cake. The “slices” of cake were little individual wedge-shaped boxes filled with candies.


Today several of us went downtown to the courthouse square area to look around. Then we shared a good pizza at Stonewall's Pizza Wings & Things across from the courthouse.

Late this afternoon the power suddenly went out in the campground and in other parts of town. Fortunately, it wasn’t off very long. We were asked to turn off our air conditioners so that there wouldn’t be a huge power demand when the electricity came back on. We didn’t learn what caused the outage but suspected that it may have been caused by workers in the park. They are adding another row of RV spaces.

During happy hour, Mikail Davenport conducted Bingo games. I won two prizes – a “Bubba” 18-ounce insulated mug that will fit into my cup holder and a bottle of cologne mist.

Tonight we had dinner at the Hungry Hunter, where we had eaten in the past. The food and service were disappointing this time. They were not expecting “so many” people all at once on a Friday night, despite the fact that we had reservations for dinner at 6:00. There were only one cook and two waitresses on duty.


This morning Barbara Coles and I went into town with Coco Davenport. We visited the Llano County Historical Museum. The volunteer docent was very friendly; she and her husband are full-time RVers.

The museum is located on the banks of the Llano River, just north of the Roy B. Inks Bridge. It was originally Bruhl's Drugstore, founded in 1900 by Louis H. Bruhl. It was given to the Historical Society in 1965 by the A.H. Bruhl family. During renovations, the facade was altered, but the interior, including the marble soda fountain and leather fountain stools, remains intact. An annex to the building was originally an early-day grocery store. Beside the museum is an old cabin that needs extensive repairs.

We then went to the Llano Visitor Center. Llano received its last set of railroad tracks by 1892 courtesy of the Austin and Northwestern Railroad. At the time, Llano was experiencing a period of significant growth due primarily to the discovery of iron deposits in the northwestern portion of Llano County. The Austin and Northwestern built an extension to Llano, hoping to prosper from the transport of Llano’s newly-discovered iron deposits. Fire consumed Llano’s original train depot in 1961 but forty-five years later Llano citizens revived the depot, erecting the current building in order to house the Llano Visitor Center, the Chamber of Commerce and the Railroad Museum. Outside the Center are two deer sculptures wearing Mardi Gras beads!

Then we went next door to have lunch at the China Wok. The food was very good and abundant. I brought home enough for two more meals!

After lunch we drove by the Llano County Jail, which was designed by F.W. and W.S. Hull and built in 1895 by the Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St Louis, Missouri. Gray granite used to build the jail was quarried from within Llano county. The jail, which was built in a Romanesque Revival style, has been known as "Red Top" for its red roof. The first floor was used by the sheriff and his family for his office and the family living quarters. The second floor had four cells and two drunk tanks. The third and fourth floors housed the gallows. Outside the jail was a cute deer statue wearing black-and-white inmate’s clothes.

Before going back to our sites, we drove through the Llano City RV Park and then the Robinson City Park to check them out. Both were nice.

STATS Route: US 183 N to Liberty Hill => TX 29 W to Llano => TX 16 S => RR152 W to park Total Miles Driven: 86 Weather Conditions: Mostly sunny and windy Road Conditions: Good RV Park: Riverway RV Park ( on the Llano River Park Conditions: Large, level gravel sites; nice large clubhouse with laundry and exercise room; walking trail, congenial owners

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