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A chilly Mt Lofty lookout

Bridgewater Mill

Our spot under the trees at Mt Barker

The kids spent some hours playing soccer on this oval beside our...


Some unusual seeds on this strawberry

Finding the best ones!

A good return

The rose garden in the backyard at the strawberry farm

Plenty of bees hanging around this place!

One of the five ferrets owned by one of the guys in...




As 'rosy' a time as we had in Adelaide, today it was time to adventure on. We love to go with the feel of things as we travel - Where to today? How 'bout Adelaide Hills? Well alrighty then!

Adelaide is mostly surrounded by hills so The Hills covers a fair bit of land. First, we headed to Mount Lofty, the Mt Coot-tha of Adelaide. The weather was not super hot, thank goodness, but rainy. The normally great views from the summit were still pretty good but this was a stop during which Ben and I were reminded of the fact that not everyone in the family wants to sight see alllllllll the time. After we parked, Alice stuck herself fast to the tow ball of the car whilst Pip and Will went straight into the souvenir shop. Ben and I ended up dashing to the lookout, freezing in the cold wind and rain, taking a quick piccie and then swinging by the souvenir shop before returning to our disgruntled youngest and getting the heck out of there!

We swung by Bridgewater Mill next for more power-sightseeing - and yes, it was indeed a big old mill that used to be powered by water from the stream under the bridge. We duly pondered this for a moment (Ben and the kids even got out of the car to have a closer look) before zooming off again. Let me tell you, touristing is not all glamour and roses, sometimes you've just got to get in there and get the job done!

Our final stop for the day was Mount Barker Caravan Park. Charging only $3 a night per child on top of a pretty low $21 for a site, we were already pretty happily disposed towards this place before even seeing it. Turns out it's better than many we've gone to. Big pros: 1. We're camped right next to a big field in which the kids can merrily play soccer, karate and chasey games to their hearts content; 2. Beautiful brand new toilet and shower block; 3. Close to op-shops and library; 4. There's a man staying here who walks his ferrets around each morning!! Plus Mount Barker is muchos picturesque and a delight to walk along its rose-lined streets and check out its many old homes. A super spot to hang out for a few nights :)


On one of our days in Mount Barker, we drove to nearby Hahndorf - sprechen zie Deutsch? Lots of German immigrant history and buildings, as well as icecreameries and boutique-style shops. We also visited Beerenberg Farm to go out a'pickin'. It was great to venture into a huge strawberry field and pick only the reddest and ripest. They tasted so good and were easily engulfed later on. The farm also has heaps of rose bushes and we wove our way through these trying to work out which ones smelt the best. I reckon the light purple ones won! I was rather envious of the owners' back yard as their clothes line was surrounded by glorious roses - imagine how heavenly your washing would smell at the end of the day?! Mmmmmm.......

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