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Ta Da! The shot kit for Dick has been overnighted and will arrive today. Yesterday when we got confirmation of it's arrival we quickly decided to get on the trolley and go.

The Trolley is really a red electric six car train. The station is next door to the RV park. The plan was to ride to the end of the green line and back but we got off in Old Town for lunch. After wandering around the stores, museums, and reading the menus in front of several restaurants we choose O'Hungry's mostly because it would not be a $50 meal. The place is covered with one dollar bills people have signed with marker and stapled to the walls and ceiling. They have a 36" tall glass of beer for sale. A table of four came in and ordered a round. The results were pretty funny. It seems that controlling the flow of beer from such a tall glass is not an easy task. The waitress said they had to change to plastic because some people could not lift the heavy glass ones and drink with out dropping it.

Some of the menus we read had items we really wanted to try but not for the price of the taste. The one that stood out to me was pork cheeks, spicy kale, and polenta, $17.95. I have only seen pork cheeks on "Chopped".

There was a wide variety of stores and Dick and I spent some time in one that had nautical everything and the largest paper doll book selection I have ever seen. When I am stressed the most relaxing thing for me to do is cut something out. Dick will say "why don't you get some scissors and make something," so I was encouraged to chose a couple books for emergency cutting. There were Oscar books for each decade that had the dolls of actresses and the gowns they wore. Ones with clothes from the 60's, 70's, 80's etc. Every country, old movie, and modern theme. It was just too much so I left without any! Dick had no hesitation in choosing. There was a ships wheel clock he coveted but we have no where to hang it. So instead he purchased key chains with running lights on them. He said the green one was an exact replica of what they had on the boat but the red one was wrong. He still got them both. He has a large collection of nautical key chains. They are light weight, take just a little space, and are useful.

We spent some time in a candy store where a boy about four cried because he said he hated the smell inside and wanted to go outside. If I hated the smell of chocolate my thighs would be much smaller.

We really only saw about one third of what there was to see but we'll be here three months. Got back on the train so hubby could get home and smell the lavender fabric softener on the sheets.

Train notes: no one ever checked to see if we had our passes. People take their bikes, skate boards, and motorized wheel chairs on and off the train. There was one guy who boarded with a large water cooler bottle and a 6' dowel stick. It's like the electric subway of San Diego and I loved it.

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