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Now this is desert!

Looking into Mexico


Get water to it & it turns green



Border Patrol inspection

Yes, we're in Texas!

These are considered mountains in Texas

Nice - indians on the west & calvary on the east

They're still drilling/fracking for oil in West Texas

Wind machines & windmills

Beginning to see trees!

First view of the Texas Hill Country

Parked at By the River RV Park

View of the Guadalupe River from our front door

An egret fishing in the river

View of the rv park from the other side of the river

No photos allowed so we'll show the art on their brochure

They built a new "farmhouse" up on the hill!

Bandera, TX

Bandera County Courthouse

A small bison herd


Well, we made it across West Texas safely. It was a beautiful drive the first day from El Paso to Fort Stockton. Yesterday we had a little wind all day so it wasn't quite as relaxing driving but not a real problem. It was interesting to watch the desert change & nice to be back in the Texas hill country again.

We're staying at the By the River RV Park again & are enjoying it again. It was so quiet last nite our ears were ringing. Ha!

Today we went to the Museum of Western Art here in Kerrville. We drove from Fredericksburg to Kerrville last fall to see this museum & hit it on a day they were changing the exhibits. Today all their art was in place. It's a very nice little museum - well worth seeing.

From the museum we kept going down the road to Bandera, TX, the Cowboy Capital of the World. We walked around the old downtown area (nice shops) & had a late lunch at Busbees BBQ (good TX Q!).

We stopped at Camp Verde on the way home. It was a US Army facility established in 1856 along the road from San Antonio to El Paso. The General Store has occupied the building for more than 150 years. They've built a big restaurant connected to the General Store & everything is oriented to attract ladies who want to have lunch & shop.

We were home late afternoon & enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine for a couple of hours. This evening we're putting stuff away in preparation for traveling again tomorrow - on to the Gulf Coast. More later...

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