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About two weeks before Thanksgiving I got a cough like none I have ever had - the word whooping comes to mind. No sore throat, no fever, no runny nose, but a rib cracking reverb from the lungs that made those around me think of the low notes on a pipe organ. It took forever to get better - even a Caribbean cruise diminished its power minimally. It was nearly gone by the time we got to Florida, but when I felt the sore throat and runny nose of a more conventional cold, my heart sank. That mega cough came back with a vengeance. No fever so not a flu, but as I coughed and typed yesterday's blog entry I checked the time on my computer. Every two or three minutes, another bellow. This went on continuously until I went to bed.

We've been wanting to go see the film King's Speech ever since we read the reviews. It is an account of the work King George VI, a royal who never expected to be king, did with a speech therapist in an effort of get rid of his stutter. The film alluded to some psychological issues - a harsh, demanding father, inattentive mother and nannies who favored his older brother David, who was destined to be king. As radio became a valuable tool to communicate with the country, George was called upon by his father to make a speech broadcast to the whole country and the stuttering was painful for the listeners and embarassing for him. He began to work with a therapist on the QT, never suspecting that his brother would abdicate his throne for the woman he loved. As World War II began, King George used the radio and his newly empowered voice to communicate with and maintain the morale of his people.

I hate when I am at the movies and inconsiderate people make noise. Armed with two different cold medicines and a bag of cough drops, we went to the theater and sat toward the front so I wouldn't be coughing at people's heads. But with this subject matter, there was one scene after another, where the king struggled to get out a word to two. Inevitably during every long painful silence, my throat would start to tickle despite the constant consumption of cough drops. Whoop, whoop, whoop.

But I felt much less guilty when we noticed on the way out, that many of our fellow geezer audience members were returning their infrared listening devices for the hard of hearing. My cough bothered me a lot more than it bothered them!

PS - It was a great film. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush will undoubtedly be nominated for Academy Awards for their performances. As we hear about the excitement surrounding the upcoming marriage of Prince William and the beautiful Kate, it is a reminder that being a royal ain't all it's cracked up to be.

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