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For people battling their every increasing circumferences, eating at buffets is never a good idea. Often the buffet food sits on steam tables and the longer it sits, the less tasty it becomes. An over 65 friend first introduced us to the Golden Corral when both of us were still under 60. In fact he paid for our meals, which was appreciated but when we saw the very low price we realized that his sacrifice was not too great. Ken loved it. I found the food bland and over cooked. After this first encounter we noticed Golden Corrals almost everywhere we traveled in the country. Ken always wanted to go again, especially when another retiree gave him some timing advice - The price changes at 4pm and if you go at 3:45 you pay the lunch price and they start bring out all the dinner food like steaks at 4pm. Such a deal. Senior citizens are noted for their bargain hunting skills. We went to the Golden Corral once more near our home. Ken had a coupon for a free meal associated with his birth date. How could I say no? But once again I found the food bland and overcooked.

After enjoying the weekly Saturday morning pancake breakfast at our campground, we did not need any lunch. but by about 3pm I started getting hungry and we headed to the grocery store to buy food for dinner. And what did we pass on the way? You guessed it, the Golden Corral.

Well, those hunger pangs were really panging, so I suggested we stop. You never saw a car parked so fast in your life! This was a challenge since the parking lot was full to overflowing. As we neared the entrance customers were lined up along the sidewalk. Apparently geezers are not the only ones who know a good deal when they see it. There was some gray hair in line, but mostly it was huge Mexican families, shivering in the 30ยบ temperatures.

The restaurant was well staffed for the teeming hordes. I have to admit that it offers a huge variety of food choices, but we couldn't get near the areas where Mexican food was offered. Apparently the locals prefer to eat what they know and they left the stir fry and egg rolls to us. The restaurant staff struggled to keep the displays full. As soon as they brought it out, it was snatched up. Those steam tables had no time to do their damage. And I must admit that we had a tasty meal. And we tried not to eat too much.

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