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To Monteverde Forest Preserve...one started by Quakers in the 30's, over 1200 acres. Nice hiking and we even see quetzals but I am not impressed enuf to recom it for the $17 US price tag! (See Below Though)

About Monteverde

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After thinking about it awhile, I think I spoke hastily...a visit to Monteverde Bio Reserve for $17 should not be considered an entry fee but a payment for protecting the quetzals and all the other diverse flora and fauna there. It is now over 4000 acres in size which makes it much more important than when it was much smaller. I suppose if there were more personnel and the government could actually do something about protecting these last remaining islands of rain forest, perhaps when we humans finally disappear the protections might allow more rapid and diverse regeneration.

For other Disney-like adventures that are out there, I am not in favor of supporting them for whatever they charge...it only encourages the proliferation of privateers feeding off the tourist trade coming to the reserve and does little to actually 'preserve' anything.

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