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Lullene Knox in Recliner

Front of Lullene's House

Rear of Lullene's House


Deer Behind House

Magnolia Blossom with Seeds in Cupped Petal

Friday Sunset

Friday Sunset - "Two Dogs"

Friday Sunset - Boathouse

Friday Sunset - Gazebo

Los Pericos Mexican Restaurant - Lullene

Los Pericos Mexican Restaurant - Back of Chairs

Los Pericos Mexican Restaurant - Back of My Chair

Los Pericos Mexican Restaurant

Sam Houston Memorial - "Steamboat House"

Sam Houston Memorial - "Steamboat House" - Dining Room

Sam Houston Memorial - Upstairs Parlor Where Sam Houston's Funeral Was Held

Sam Houston Memorial - "Woodland House"

Sam Houston Memorial - "Woodland House" - Parlor

Sam Houston Memorial - "Woodland House" - Bed

Sam Houston Memorial - Kitchen

Sam Houston Memorial - Kitchen

Sam Houston Memorial - Law Office

Sam Houston Memorial - Law Office

Sam Houston Memorial - MacMize RIver

Sam Houston Memorial - Pond

Saturday Sunset

Saturday Sunset

Saturday Sunset

Walker County Courthouse, Huntsville

Monday Sunset - Gazebo

Monday Sunset

Monday Sunset

Monday Sunset

Monday Sunset

Monday Sunset

Monday Sunset

Monday Sunset

Monday Sunset - Observation Deck


Around 11:00 o’clock this morning I headed by car for Lake Livingston (near Huntsville) to spend a few days with cousin Lullene Knox. I stopped in Bryan for lunch at the Dairy Queen. It was cloudy most of the way and, in some areas, I ran into some heavy rain. It sprinkled nearly all the rest of the way to Lake Livingston.


Today it was cloudy, but still hot most of the day. We had lunch at the Lake View Restaurant on Lake Livingston.


Today we visited the Escapees CARE Center near Livingston and had lunch there. Lullene wanted to see their facilities and learn about the services provided. She was impressed with the facilities, staff and volunteers. After dinner at home, we watched a dramatic sunset over Lake Livingston.


After running an errand in Huntsville, we had lunch at Los Pericos Mexican Restaurant. The food and service were excellent and the décor was very nice. The backs of their chairs were almost all different and they had nice paintings on the walls. We tried their spinach enchiladas and sopapillas; both were very tasty. I took home enough for two more meals!

After lunch we visited the Sam Houston Memorial, dedicated to the life and times of General Sam Houston, former Governor of Tennessee, victor over Santa Anna in the Texas War of Independence, first President of the Republic of Texas, Senator from the State of Texas and Governor of the State of Texas. I was disappointed that we were unable to tour his homes. I tried taking some photos through the windows of both houses but they weren’t very good. The grounds are very pretty, with a large pond.

The large "Steamboat House" was built in 1858 by Dr. Rufus Bailey as a wedding gift for his son, but the couple refused to live in it because of the jokes about the unusual house. In 1862 Sam Houston rented it and this is where he died in 1863. His funeral was held in the upstairs parlor. In 1933 Houston businessman J. E. Josey bought the house and gave it to the State. The Texas Centennial Commission restored the house and moved it here to the farm in 1936. It was listed as a historic landmark in 1964.

The dogtrot "Woodland House" was completed in 1848 and became the Houston family's principal home. Four of their eight children were born here. In 1858 they sold the house to help pay for his unsuccessful run for re-election as Texas governor. Most of the other farm buildings are gone but his law office is still standing. The kitchen has been reconstructed.

After dinner at home tonight, we watched another dramatic sunset – more dramatic than last night’s show.


Today we had lunch at the Golden Corral in Huntsville and then drove around a little in town. The city of Huntsville is celebrating the Demi-Semi-Sept Centennial. July 12, 2010 is the City's 175th birthday. Walker County has had five courthouses: 1848, 1853, 1869, 1888 and 1970. The interior of the 1888 courthouse burned in 1968. It was replaced by the present courthouse, completed in 1970.


We had lunch today at Miss Jean’s Barbecue Restaurant in Livingston. I had a BLT, which was chock full of bacon. I took half of it home. Tonight the sunset was the most dramatic of all; there was color in every direction and even overhead. Wow!!


Around 10:30 this morning I began the long drive back to Austin. I couldn’t believe how fast the time seemed to fly the last few days. I really enjoyed my visit.

I stopped in Caldwell for lunch at Kolache Capital Bake Shop and had a very substantial lunch of chicken salad sandwich, cup of vegetable beef soup and a chocolate chip cookie. I arrived home around 3:30.


Route: US 190 W to Huntsville => TX 30 W to College Station => TX 6 N to Bryan => TX 21 S to Bastrop=> TX 71 W to Austin

Total Miles Driven: 241 miles

Weather Conditions: Hot and dry

Road Conditions: Good

Gasoline Price: $2.489 at Huntsville; $2.459 at Austin

Miles per Gallon: 41.3 (Using air conditioner and driving 60+ miles per hour)

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