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Lucy driving Scott's Tow Mater

View from our summer campsite

Across the pond

Bentley after a bath, just about the only picture that wasn't blurred...

Bentley at the KOA playground

Lucy one cold NY morning

Bob and his Uncle Gene

Lucy made a friend at the picnic

On Saturday the 28th of July we made the last portion of our trip North to Berkshire, NY where we spent the month of August at the summer retreat owned by Bob’s sister Sue and her husband Scott; a beautiful piece of property way out in the country. This area in the Southern Tier of New York is one of our favorite places. Our site is located right at the edge of the pond and there is lots of wildlife; including resident Herons, right across the pond is farmland where cows graze in the pasture. Lucy seemed to love the country and enjoyed all there was to see and do there.

A couple of days before we left Jamestown a severe thunderstorm came through the area and a near by lightening strike managed to damage the circuitry to our air conditioning unit……fortunately the storm also brought through a slight cold front and we managed to make it through the trip to Berkshire and the next few days without air while we waited for parts. Happily the parts came before the temperatures came back to HOT.

We enjoyed a several weekends of wine time on the deck with Sue and Scott, along with many cookouts and dinners. We are really enjoyed the homegrown tomatoes, sweet corn, blueberries and other produce from a nearby farm. During the weeks we made a few trips into Binghamton to get together with my son Ken and other family and friends. We spent one pleasant evening at my company’s picnic at the Binghamton Mets baseball game; it was great to see so many of my old friends and co-workers. We had lunch with Ken at a downtown diner a couple times, he came out to camp on Labor Day weekend and of course he was at the company picnic; Ken works at the company I retired from.

We made a trip North to spend some time with my daughter Kristin and her husband Bill. We spent four days at the Canandaigua/Rochester KOA in Farmington, NY; about 20 miles from Kristin’s home in Henrietta. This is a very nice KOA and looks like a great place for a family to spend summer days, lots of activities for kids of all ages. Kris and Bill brought my Great Grandson Bentley to the campground one evening; at 22 months he is a bundle of energy, he had a great time but we felt like we needed a nap after the visit.

For those of you who have never been through upstate New York, you really are missing some very pretty country-side; through the Finger Lakes Region, lots of farm land and vineyards. Canandaigua Lake is one of the smaller Finger Lakes but still very impressive in size. To get to Canandaigua Lake we took the scenic route through Watkins Glen and along the shores of Seneca Lake; a really nice drive.

Our last mission of the summer was to empty out the storage unit we have been renting for the last of our “stuff”. Last fall there was a really bad flood in the Binghamton area and I worried the whole time about the condition of the storage unit so this summer we decided to move the contents to a safer location, Kristin and Bill’s basement. That meant another trip north and another beautiful drive along the lakes, this time in a rental van, and to get the rental van back the same day, we spent about 8 hours on the road.

Labor Day weekend was our last fun event of the summer. Bob’s Aunt and Uncle, Fran and Gene and their daughter and her family came to camp for a picnic. Gene is 88 years old and the last of Bob’s Dad’s family. Most of Sue and Scott’s kids and grandkids were also there so it turned into a mini family reunion. The weather was perfect and it was a really great day; with all the old family stories being tossed around we had enough laughs to last us for a long time.

All good things must come to an end and so has our summer visit to New York. Our first stop on our trip back to Alabama is Bedford, PA, we have a tentative plan for the rest of the trip but right now we are just aiming south.

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