More Adventures with Daisy 2007-08 travel blog

This morning we left around 10:00 to head into Canada. I had to feed Daisy on the way out of town, so we stopped at Smokin' Joe's. Fuel and other items are cheaper there because it is on an Indian reservation and they don't charge sales taxes.

Crossing the bridge into Canada took quite a long time, but they didn't pull either of us over to search our vehicles. We breathed a huge sigh of relief! The toll for my two vehicles was C$10.50 as opposed to $9.00 for Barb's rig.

We arrived mid-afternoon at the Indian Line Campground in Brampton, a suburb on the west side of Toronto, where we'll spend the next two nights. It is situated on the Humber River and has nearly 250 campsites.

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