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One of our first full day's highlights was inching towards and finally driving through Horsham, Australia. We visited Horsham England, where Tomas had lived twice before, earlier this year and neither of us had any idea there was a Horsham Australia. And much to our surprise, it is much bigger than it's English counterpart.

And knowing that not many people have been to Horsham England, we're almost certain very few have been to both Horsham England and Australia!

But driving is the business at hand and switching off every 2 - 2.5 hours gets us along our way quite nicely. We have a bit of trouble negotiating Adelaide and soon enough are on our way. But we can only make it to Port Pirie before needing to call it a day. A cute little town that front's a river as it flows into the bay. More questions of "Why Port Pirie?" as we swim and stroll on the beach. Seems to us not many people, especially yanks, do this cross country drive. Or maybe it's our tight schedule that makes us drive until daylight ends and then stop at some random town. Regardless, it sure makes for interesting conversations with the locals!

Julia is doing the calculations this time as Tomas does the dinner and the stark reality is that if we want to make it to Esperance (one of the few interesting towns involving only a slight detour) in two days time, we've got an 850 km day followed by a 1100 km day.

With that realization, it's time to get to bed. We've got some big days ahead of us!


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