Arriving at Roaring River State Park

They have campsites for $19 a night..

Our first view of the Roaring River, it's incredible and full of...

Another view...

Can you see the fish??

Another view...

You can fish here for $7 a day, Jerry is already planning...

It is loaded with huge Rainbow Trout..

The Lodge & Cabins at Roaring River S.P.

Anyone know what kind of tree this is?

It has softball size lime colored fruit...

Another view..



Last one!!

We visited the Roaring River State Park today, it is about 35 miles from Branson. We could not believe our eyes when we parked our car and walked over to view the river. It is absolutely packed with huge trout. The water is a beautiful clear blue, you can see the bottom of the river, it flows naturally from the Roaring River Spring nearby. It has a series of waterfalls and is breathtaking.

We spoke with the rangers in the area. They said you can fish daily for $7. In the spring you get to keep what you catch, but in the winter it's catch and release only. Jerry is already planning a trip back for a day of fishing. :-)

The park also has camping with 187 campsites ranging from basic to electric hookup, they are open in the winter also. The Emory Melton Inn and Conference Center features 26 guest rooms, a restaurant, gift shop and cabins for rent.

We saw a tree in the park with huge softball size fruit or something on it? (see photos) If anyone reading this update recognizes this tree, we would love to know what it is. :-)

We highly recommend this park, it is incredible! Check back later for more from Missouri.

NOTE: Thanks to one of our readers, we have information about the tree pasted below:

The name of that tree is Maclura pomifera, commonly known as osage orange, hedge apple or bois d'arc. Some people believe that it will keep spiders away, if placed inside the house.

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