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It rained quite a bit during the night so this morning it was nice and cool. This made for very pleasant driving conditions.

As I was getting ready to leave, I noticed that the outside dually on the passenger side was very low. I was afraid to drive with it that way so I called Good Sam Emergency Road Service (ERS). Because it was Sunday and Llano is a small town with few options, the dispatcher had trouble finding someone to help me. He kept trying, though, and called me a couple of times to keep me informed. He finally located one in San Saba, Hamrick’s Automotive Center. The tech arrived at my site around 1:30 – an hour earlier than promised – and had completed the job by 2:00. That was a definite plus. He was also very resourceful in making the repairs and airing up the tire. He discovered that one of my valve extenders had been torn off, which caused the slow leak. Fortunately, I had a spare valve extender, which he installed. This type of situation is just one more reason for having ERS! I wouldn’t travel without it.

While I was waiting for the emergency tech to arrive, I took advantage of the free time to do my laundry. The Riverway laundry room is very nice and clean, with large machines. The washers cost $1.75 and the dryers cost 25 cents/seven minutes (about $1.00 for 28 minutes). That’s more than at Pecan Grove but I’m just glad to have that chore out of the way.

I was back in Austin by four o’clock.

STATS Route: TX 16 S => TX 71 E to Austin Total Miles Driven: 63 Weather Conditions: Cloudy and cool Road Conditions: Good; frequent climbing lanes on two-lane sections Gasoline Price: $2.099 at Austin

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