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Checking out the botanical gardens

The enormous lilies

Quokka at the zoo

One of the panda stars

Mighty kids!

Who doesn't love a meerkat?

Time to say goodbye to grandma and grandad

Feeding time for the hippos - this pair are pretty old!

Some new friends!

Holy Trinity church

Maritime museum at Port Adelaide

Chilling out at the Apple store


Friday was a beautiful day and as we drove towards Adelaide we had some scenery to match the weather. Coming up the eastern side of the Yorke Peninsula there are points where the road is very close to the water and affords great views of the golden paddocks of wheat sloping down to the ocean's edge. Who wouldn't want to be a farmer there?!

We chose the Adelaide Caravan Park because, as the name suggests, it's pretty close to the centre of town. After lunch mum and dad very kindly offered look after the kids for the afternoon so Sal and I headed off by foot for the city, our walk taking us through the botanical gardens. We spent the afternoon checking out some of Adelaide's downtown adventure clothing stores (there are heaps!) and beautiful old buildings while the kids caught the tram with mum and dad to Glenelg and had a lovely afternoon.

Mum and dad had a plane to catch on Saturday afternoon so we decided to make the most of the morning by heading to the Adelaide Zoo. It's right on the edge of the CBD and again within walking distance of the caravan park. We had a great morning checking out the animals, the star attraction being the giant pandas, Funi and Wang Wang.

It was really hard to say goodbye to grandma and grandad when it came time for them to go. We had such a nice time with them and they were so generous with us (spoilt us really!) and two more months till we get home feels like quite a while. We tried to console ourselves by going and seeing some more animals (especially the lemurs who crack us up after watching the three Madagascar movies frequently on this trip) and buying some cuddly toys from the zoo shop.

Sunday morning we found our way to Holy Trinity Anglican - Adelaide's oldest church. The impressive building was matched by a very warm welcome and great service, and some tips on things to do and see around Adelaide. Our drive from church down to Port Adelaide was punctuated by an acute case of arachnophobia from the kids - a huntsman ran across the upholstery above them and all three broke into the most terrified screaming we'd ever heard from them! After almost swerving off the road, we had to pull over and let them (and us) all out for some recovery time. It turned out that the annual Port Adelaide festival was on for the weekend so the place was pretty busy. After some yummy Greek food for lunch, Sal and Pip took to the markets while Will, Alice and I checked out a couple of the museums.

Today we managed to get the car in for a service in the city which meant we spent the day doing some city stuff. Firstly we walked down to the southern edge of the CBD where Haigh's Chocolates have their factory and visitor centre. We watched with interest through the big glass windows at many of the processes still being completed by hand, and enjoyed free samples! A tram ride took us back into the mall. The plan was for me to take the kids to the museum while Sal had some retail therapy time but I didn't manage to get further than the Apple store in the mall! I needed to access the free wifi and discovered what brilliant places they are for occupying kids (if you don't mind them having a few hours of screen time!)

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