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Enjoying Harrington, very nice here even though yesterday while we were “out” a gale blew up and dislodged our de-flappers and undermined the sand from under the van wheels, then heavy rain with a bit of thunder. Got the awning down at the rush… All’s good this morning though sun is shining and the rain was welcomed by all…

We will have to see if “Impressions” is still as good as past experiences have been.

To kill some time during the wait we drove to Port Macquarie… Had a look at the 2012 Jayco vans… I want to trade ours in now they have “proper toilets” and the fabrics are quite nice, not sure about the dark laminate but with the lighter timber it looks good…. I really only wanted to get a 3 arm TV bracket to extend the TV another 200mm so that from my allocated seat I can see TV without straining my neck. Seems to be working though it has lowered the TV 50mm, making it even easier to watch for extended periods e.g. during days of rain…

We had a look at the preparations for the Triathlon on Sunday, needless to say Carol & I will not be competitors. Then drove back to Harrington via the coast checking out possible caravan parks enroute….

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