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Le Tamarinier the best brochettes in town and a lovely owner






M'Lomp and a very large Kapok tree

Elinkine, Campement Villageois d'Elkine


heading to Isle de Carabone


getting off at Isle de Carabane

Jody keepingher feet dry


the old Breton styled church








the T's Ant me off to Isle de Carabone



trying to carry a load

bloody heavy


On advice from the man we met at the cultural centre we headed to a small village called M'lomp and saw a couple of the most beautiful kapok trees where the village people gathered to sit chat and play. They had a museum of Diola Culture very interesting with a mix of local custom and Christian religion there are still many things which we find hard to understand but which make perfect sense in their cultural context. We also got to visit a large house two storey which is most unusual here but quite cool inside and lived in by a large extended family and very clean.

Because of where we are our travelling hours are quite small of ten we don't set out until 9 and on this day were at our next camp by lunchtime - another quite small fishing village on the side of the river - Campment Villageois d'Elinkine run by an Expat Belgian just a wee bit overweight - he won't be invited to sit in our chairs we can't afford to lose any more! There were huts available so Bev and I decided that since we were to be here for a few days we would bunk I together and have a bed and shower. Again quite basic but clean and a fan and power from 7pm to about 2am and 5-8 in the morning - the power is courtesy of the military installation not far away - tonight we will have power all night as a group of military have apparently arrived, and will be staying at their camp.

Luke the Belgian is an OK host and has allowed us to use his cooler - the truck can't cope with using power when we are stationery for any length of time. He was a bit creepy tho and we wondered just what he was really doing there - probably a local very young wife!

Went to the Ile de Carabane for a morning it was quite beautiful they have cleaned up their beach to make it an idyllic place to visit and again friendly people and children wanting to have their photos taken. If it wasn't for the humidity I could see myself staying for some time but I now understand the Darwin suicide season we are always damp clothes won't dry and I sometimes feel like I am getting mouldy mind you the odd hot flush doesn't help.

I have just had a whole day of doing nothing - some of the group went to Point St George but it was 2 hours each way on a boat and the talk is that our trip to the Ile yesterday was much more interesting we even had a cool breeze for a while and I had a Nana nap before helping prepare an very interesting dinner - all we could get from the village was potatoes, onions, garlic, aubergines and a couple of large tins of vege. Jimmy did the shopping and bought two very large tins of what he though was tomatoes but they turned out to be tomato paste so we have enough for spag bog for weeks.

Dave the Hat is unchanged from my last trip with him, he still sleeps on the top of the truck and is still coming along after us and re-cleaning the inside of the truck - it is never quite up to his expectations. We are a happy group I think everyone had done some Overlanding before so the expectations were realistic and while there are diverse personalities that just makes it interesting. We are also a good mix of ages and sex from our Lady Bev at 70 , Jody, 65, Wilma 62, me and Ken both turning 61 in November, Tom late 50,s, the a T's late 50's, Rob and Ant 40 something Sally, Holly and Inga , and Michael n their 30's and our baby Will, the dairy farmer, 28.

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