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Carpe at 3Ts RV Service

Welcome to Arizona

We took Nevada 95 to Lake Havasu City

Spectacular rock formations along NV 95

Spectacular rock formations along NV 95

Entering Lake Havasu City

Sun, 14 Oct: We left Laughlin's Riverside Casino RV Park right at eight this morning with the idea that we'd get to 3Ts RV early enough to get a good parking spot. But first, we wanted to top off our diesel and pick up some items at WalMart.

We crossed the Colorado River into Bullhead City, Arizona and pulled right up to the diesel pump at Sam's Club. We were there, but alas they didn't open until nine on Sunday. Rather than wait we thought we'd find something down the road. Sure enough, a few miles south on US 95 we found a FastTrip selling diesel for 14¢/gallon less than Sam's. We didn't need a lot, but we figure we'll top off when we can—especially since it seems to be going up every day...

We then stopped at the Bullhead City WalMart to pick up some groceries and produce. We didn't think we'd be near another Wally till the end of the week. Lo and behold, there's a Super Wally in Lake Havasu City, but it doesn't show on our GPS.

Finally, we hit the road, continuing south on US 95 to Needles Highway in Needles California. A few turns and we were on I 40 heading east back to Arizona. It felt good to blow right by the California Agricultural Inspection Station and not have to surrender our veggies.

A few miles east of the border we turned south, this time on Nevada 95. Nineteen miles south we entered Lake Havasu City and 3Ts RV about half past ten. We got the spot we wanted and got Carpe leveled and plugged in. It was pretty warm so we got the air conditioners going. Happily we have 50 amps of power.

We spent the balance of the morning getting some clutter straightened up and then lunch. Following lunch we cleaned the interior of the coach. It was pretty filthy, especially after this past week's rains, so a good dusting, mopping, and vacuuming was in order.

Tomorrow early (0700) we'll relinquish our coach to the experts at 3Ts. We have a year's accumulation of items for them to address so it should be all day and possibly into Tuesday. Our "schedule" is for us to leave on Wednesday, but if they finish early we'll certainly cope with that also.

More anon...

Trip Summary
Miles this leg: 66.0
Total miles since Casa Grande: 10,116.7

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