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In the summer northern communities often have outdoor art festivals. This time of year those artists migrate to warmer climes along with us. They are especially fond of wealthy communities, where the residents might be more likely to buy a sculpture or a fountain or a painting. Today we went to ritzy Boca Raton to wander among the juried art. While the show was well attended, it was not crowded and we could talk to the artists and get up close and personal. Bringing his photography to such shows has always been on Ken's bucket list. In my biased opinion, his photograph collection is high caliber and would fit in readily with the ones we saw for sale today. But there is a sizable investment in framing and presenting photographs for such a setting, Each artist had to bring his own tent and portable display walls and set it up. Having the capacity to take credit cards for purchases also makes it more likely that expensive purchases will be made. It takes money to make money. Some of the photographers also have special display techniques that make their work more appealing. One we saw today cut his pictures into tiles and displayed them in a 3D manner, giving a special depth to the scenes portrayed. Others made huge couch size panoramas or tryptic. We just had one of our photographs printed on a 16x20 canvas at home and that one picture cost over $100. Walking among the creativity and talent we saw today was certainly inspirational. And since we are more likely to be getting rid of than acquiring, attending the festival was also easy on the pocket book.

We took A1A back to the campground. This picturesque road is on the bits of coastal land or barrier islands that have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Indian River on the other. There were many mansions to admire - slightly gaudy Italian rococo, Moorish fountains and tiles, Spanish haciendas - all were inspirations for the architecture here. And nearly every home had a yacht tied up nearby. Every so often we caught a tantalizing glimpse of the beach. We had to look hard for a spot to park and enjoy the sand. The parks in the area charge $18/car on weekends. Ouch! Finally we found a metered area which only charged $1.25/hour. We like the Hawaiian approach to beaches much better - no one owns the beach and it's there for us all. Perhaps the parking limits prevent the beaches from over crowding. Even on a beautiful Saturday, we had a sizable piece of sand for ourselves. Watching the waves, the sea birds and the occasional swimmer was just what the doctor ordered. That cough I complained about yesterday is almost gone.

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