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The cold has left the valley, but it has been replaced by gray clouds and chances of rain. We took advantage of a momentary brightness to visit a golf course we enjoyed when we were here last. While it feels like my golf game has not improved at all, this course told me otherwise. On most courses I always wish I could hit the ball much farther off the tee. Today I used my shortest club and shot way past almost every hole. That didn't happen last time we played here. It felt like this 18 hole course was shorter than the nine holes we play at home. Of course, putting is putting and that was still was as frustrating as ever.

We finished at noon which gave us an excuse to track down a nearby eating opportunity friends had told us about. As they told it, the Gonzalez family had a grocery store. Children would stop by after school looking for something to eat. They started serving them hamburgers and soon most of their business was coming from the burgers rather than the groceries. Today it really doesn't sell groceries at all, but it is still known as the Gonzalez Grocery.

If our friends hadn't given us specific directions, we would never have found it. Even when we got there, we weren't sure because the building has no sign out front, but the cars parked all around gave us a hint we were in the right place. When we got inside, it was standing room only. The power of word of mouth. The menu was simple - hamburgers, onion rings and fries. Three ladies were cooking up a storm and we had to wait twenty minutes to be served. As we waited we admired the stuffed heads of dead animals mounted on the walls and a 2x3 shelf of groceries. The burgers were huge, but nothing special and not particularly cheap. It looked like the kind of place that should be on one of those "Diners & Dives" TV shows. I'm glad we got to see it, but the mystique of the place escaped me.

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