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The reason for visiting Siem Reap is because of its close proximity to Angkor Wat and the many other huge and equally as impressive temples in the area. I got up very early to watch the sun rise at Angkor Wat and then went on a tuk tuk tour of a number of the other temples. I spent about 8 hours visiting as many as possible and in this time saw less than a quarter of the many temples that are in the area. There are that many that it's possible to devote a week to visiting them all but still not having enough time. As impressive as they all were, 8 hours was enough for me. The town centre of Siem Reap was a really pleasant place with many bars and restaurants. We had a night out whilst here and visited a night club that was a few kilometres outside of the centre of town, and so away from the touristy area. Three of us went and we were the only westerners there. An 'interesting' experience is the best description I can give.

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