Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Silver K Cafe

El Charro - Betty Ray, John, Bill, Dyson and Bea

El Charro - Bill, Betty Ray, Glenda and John


This morning I drove to Johnson City for the July Cen-Tex LoW campout. I stopped on the way out of town to feed Daisy.

I noticed that Daisy wasn’t handling as well as usual, so I stopped at a shop in Dripping Springs to have the tires checked. I had left my pressure gauge at home in my car so I couldn’t check the tire pressure myself. Because they looked low during my visual inspection, I decided that I had better have them checked before driving any further. Sure enough, they all needed air. The owner of the shop didn’t charge me for this service; he just wished me well on my trip.

Only six members arrived today. Nearly all the others are on trips or are hiding out from the heat all summer in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado or in other states farther north. They don’t have the decency to refrain from gloating about their cooler temperatures. :>)


Today Dyson Campbell drove over in his car to spend the day with us. He could not attend all the campout because he had to attend a wedding on Saturday. We had lunch at the Silver K Cafe, which is housed in one side of what used to be a lumber yard. In the other side is a gift shop. Tonight we had dinner at El Charro across the highway from the RV park. I brought home enough for two more meals.


This morning Bea Mumm left early. Later Jeanette Lowell arrived to spend one night.


Route: US 290 W to Johnson City

Total Miles Driven: 45

Weather Conditions: Hot and dry

Road Conditions: Good

Gasoline Price: $2.559 at Oak Hill (Austin)

RV Park: Roadrunner RV Park (

Park Conditions: Long spaces, sites close together, few trees, very nice club room and very helpful, friendly owner and employees.

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