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Lima is a sprawling metropolis of more than 8 million people. There are many shantytowns and a lot of poverty around the city, although the government are trying to clean up certain parts, like Miraflores which is where smart restaurants and elegant hotels rub shoulders with pre-inca relics. It is the main tourist destination as it is the safest !

After a right mess up with the hostal, we were taken to our room which was about six blocks from the centre. We had a walk around the Parque Kennedy and then took a taxi to Larcomar shopping centre which has been carved into the cliff side. There is a good view out to sea and lots of cafes and bars. We decided to take in a film and ended up seeing Snr & Snra Smith.

The following day we had a look around the area and Monica called home. We then went to a bar and watched the Confederation cup final between Argentina and Brasil (Brasil won !!!). After another little walk around we headed to the flying dog cafe to meet Barbara and Miki. They arrived late, and we had a drink with them and the couple we had met in Ica. They were quite tired so we had a quick bite to eat and then went to sleep in our bedroom for four !!!

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