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Aft of our boat. The big square locker is where we store...

Arriving in port after a long passage is a beautiful thing!

Can't get enough of these at sea

Approach to Bodega Bay

Rainbow over the hill. Can you see it?


Interesting way to reach the top of the mast. Yes, those are...

We made another 200 miles in 31 hours overnight. Started out nice, as it always seems to, then things kicked up and got a bit ugly. Another incident did liven up the passage once again. Of course, it was my turn in the bunk when all the commotion started so I throw on my clothes and jump to action. As it turns out the fuel dock in Eureka (our last stop) was out of service for remodeling for another week. So, you guessed it, we THOUGHT we had enough fuel to make Bodgea Bay, 200 miles distant. We learned something. Our boat does not have all the fuel (100 gallons) available for use, at least not in a big sea way. Yep, we ran out of diesel for the first time in the over 10,000 nautical miles we've traveled while only 20 miles outside our destination. Mike, while tethered onto the boat, had to get to the fuel jugs (2 - 5 gal containers) out of the stern/swimstep in a locker after removing the swim ladder which blocks the compartment tied behind the dinghy on davits, hand them up to me in the cockpit then wrestle them on the port deck to add the 10 gallons of fuel into the tank. The engine died while we were doing this but after a couple of sputters, it started right up. We were concerned that the fuel system would need to be bled first but we got lucky! At the fuel dock in Bodega Bay we added 76 gallons and were full! I feel certain this won't happen again. Scariest part of this whole situation is the thought that should Mike end up over board, which happens to be one of my biggest fears, I would not have an engine to turn the boat around to rescue him.

Not much to report here in Bodega Bay, stormy southerlies blowing last night and this morning but should turn to northerly (we want wind from the north to push down the coast!). It is our intention to make Sausalito or Half Moon Bay, at least.

For now, we sleep, eat, listen to the sea lions and just rest up for the next leg in the morning.

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