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Belize City, the capital, home of about 60,000 people, a third of...

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Cucumber Beach Marina


Cruising in Belize reminds us of the Abacos in the Bahamas. Between the mainland to the west and a long series of cays to the east is a huge, protected body of water called the Main or Inner Channel which we will cruise through on our way south to Gutamala. The open ocean passages are past us and we are both relieved. It's wonderful to be in calm waters again, much more relaxing and enjoyable. We are in approx 9 feet of water vs 1,000 + feet and it feels great! There are countless Cays to explore but we will only see a few as we head south. Hopefully on the return trip we will explore much more of this gorgeous cruising ground in Belize.

We passed by Belize City, having heard that it is dirty and dangerous and continue 5 miles southwest of the big city to Cucumber Marina, named after a Florida resident who set up here in the 1950's, growing vegetables, including cucumbers and exporting them from this port.

It is a lovely marina with tight security. We have seen several guards armed with rifles walking around the marina. We are one of 3 Canadian boats in a row on the dock here. I did the laundry while John washed the salt off the boat and I set to work catching up on our latest adventures. Tomorrow we will continue south and in 2 to 3 days hope to be in Guatamala.

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