shortly after we arrive, parked and setup

a peek down our street, lined up like cord wood but enough...

of the four entry spots ours was backed out to the road...

We get our welcome packet and go through it and find...

amongst other things, a big map of the facility...

and we decide which seminars and events to attend

Note it's cold out so we layer up against the wind and...

which takes us the almost 1/2 mile to town center where all...

Town center and the clock tower

At town center, enjoying the rally though the cold weather was unexpected.

We had nightly entertainment in a big arena

we had country music the first night, Thomas Michael Riley

60's popular music the 2nd night

Carolina beach music the 3rd night.

each morning in the "big tent" free donuts and coffee

served up by volunteers

and more volunteers

And music each day by the Frustrated Maestro's

After breakfast it's time to get busy with learning.

The Frustrated Maestro's are FMCA own orchestra of volunteers entertained mornings and...

We gathered one evening with neighbors for eaten time






It was a very pleasant 130 miles straight north on I-75 to the Agricultural Center on the south side of Perry where many RV clubs have rallies. Rallies are popular here as the grounds have hundreds of acres of parking and the facilities are terrific. FMCA stands for Family Motor Coach Association an RV club that initially started just for drivable RV's, but now is open to all self-contained RV's, towable or driven. When we drove into the facility to our assigned area, we were directed by a parking crew to a row and spot makeing sure we're positioned just right. With several thousand big RV's the organization has to be exact so as to NOT tangle up any of these expensive units. It's a well choreographed dance. In these big open fields we're stacked like cord wood. And, there were quite a few travel trailers and fifth wheels coaches in attendance. The executive director announced the attendance of this rally as, number are approximate cuz I wrote them down, 3,800 coaches and about 7,200 people. Even though, the grand majority in attendance drive in to the facility, there are others who live in the area that arrive in their cars and pay a fee to walk in. For the daily fee, they have access to all the same classes, seminars, vendor booths and deals that we can attend. The grounds are so massive to get around, the organization furnished trams to come to outlying areas and transport us to the "town center".

Armed with the map and seminar schedule we plotted out our attack of the rally for the next several days. We took in several seminars that dealt with the care and keeping of RV's and how to make them easier to handle. Each morning from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts are served in a big tent, free. We had that as breakfast dessert while listening to musicians. There were plenty of food vendors if you didn't want to trudge back to the RV.

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