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Jesse & Ginger arrive

Blue Gate


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Kyle on factory tour






Jesse and Ed at the flea Market


Traffic is blocked


Foggy, Frosty morning


This journal is for Wednesday, Sept 30. We have had no internet service so I try to write each day in hopes that we will locate a Wi-Fi “Hot Spot” and be able to post the journal entries.

The work on our 5th wheel was completed on Tuesday evening and we spent in the parking lot at Cross RV.

We were asked to be over at the “Lippert” factory as close to 8:00 AM as possible on Wednesday morning. That was to change the bad axle, a hydraulic pump assembly and the “pitted” landing gear leg.

We were up way before daylight once again! We shared our normal pot of coffee and then made things ready to leave. We had to wait until daylight to hook up and several neighbors had to move their trucks to give us room to leave.

I followed the directions I had entered into the GPS and it took us the shortest way, down narrow two-lane blacktop roads, with Amish horse and buggies all over the place.

I made several turns on streets, once having to back up to avoid hitting a street sign, and it took a long time to get the 30 miles to Goshen, Indiana.

We arrived and pulled into the parking lot, only to be instructed to back out onto the highway and go back the way we had come, to another entrance where the workers were waiting for us.

With the proper parking lot located, we pulled in, only to be instructed to turn around and back the 5th wheel through a garage door into a building.

I managed to get turned around, avoiding the cars and trucks which seemed to be parked rather haphazardly and then backed through that narrow opening, with about one foot of room on each side.

We noticed the horse manure all over the front of our rig and decided that a good “clean up” was in order before we head back to Missouri.

Once the work was begun and we were told that it would take about five hours to complete, we drove back to Shipshewana to have breakfast at the “Blue Gate”. We called Jesse & Ginger and they agreed to meet us at the flea market to do some shopping.

After a fine meal, we drove down the street and parked at the “Big Red Barn”, waiting for Jesse & Ginger.

They arrived as soon as we had entered the building and joined us for the “Power Shopping”. At least that is what the gals did, while Jesse and I mostly just followed along, paid for things and carried the bags.

Marilyn found a bunch of paper napkins with a “Mexico” design on them, and several other things.

After that, we drove down the street to the Co-Op where they sell bulk food. We found some of the pop corn we were looking for and also some of the Amish peanut butter which has marshmallows and maple flavoring. It is delicious, smooth and creamy.

Finally, it was time for us to head back to Goshen to check on our rig. We expected that it might be finished and we could get back to the campground and rest a bit.

What we saw when we pulled in was not encouraging. Everything from our basement storage area had been unloaded and the hydraulic and battery compartment was all torn apart. The landing gear was out and lay on the floor.

Marilyn & I were patient and sat in the truck, reading our books and acting relaxed.

I finally went over to check on things and was told that they were trying to locate a new landing gear. Evidently they didn’t have the same model that had been removed. What! I would think that they would have known they had a part to put back in before they tore things all apart!

It was finally decided that a part might be available on Friday, and we could possibly be finished up at that time. Notice that I use the word, “Possibly.”

It took another two hours to get things back in order and we were ready to hook up and leave.

It was fairly late in the day, people were all getting off work, and traffic was heavy. I decided to use the better highways and made a turn to the north, on a nice two lane blacktop.

Less than a mile later, we noticed that the traffic had stopped. An accident had just happened and the highway was blocked.

A driver towing a new travel trailer for delivery had pulled out to pass one of the Amish horse and buggy vehicles, when a young lady pulled out from a side road, into the path of the truck and trailer. The driver of the truck locked up his brakes and pulled to the right, the trailer went into the ditch, the right front corner of the trailer hitting a power pole, which caused the truck to go into the opposite ditch perpendicular to the highway. The entire road was blocked. The young lady who started to pull out had been missed by the truck and she was unhurt, as were the others involved. The highway patrol soon arrived and parked cross ways in the highway right behind our rig.

It took about 45 minutes before the highway was cleared enough to allow us to continue.

Jesse & Ginger had invited us to dinner at their place so we called to let them know we were going to be late, and they were very kind, saying that they would wait for us, no matter how late it was.

When we arrived at the campground we first drove to the dump station to dump the holding tanks.

Jesse helped me get parked and set up while Marilyn visited with Ginger.

We finally were able to get cleaned up and walked next door to the home of our friends.

We were greeted with hugs, snacks, a glass of wine, and a delicious meal, served with the ambiance of the fireplace and some soft background music.

We enjoyed this relaxing time with good friends and it sure helped to make up for the misfortunes earlier in the day.

Marilyn & I finally crawled into bed, read for a few minutes and turned out the light.

Now we must simply wait to see what adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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