Sammy opening his gifts Christmas morning..

Sammy gave us cups with his own art work on them..

We all had fun opening our gifts...

Sammy :-)



Last one...Incredible French toast breakfast!!

We had a wonderful week with Ed, Vickie and Sammy. Talk about hospitality, Ed and Vickie know how to make you feel at home. Jerry and I have been lazy all week, I have not even washed a dish. They won't let us do anything. :-)

We got up this morning and opened all our presents. It was so nice to spend Christmas morning with family and get to watch Sammy open all his gifts. He got everything he had wished for and more.

After opening all the gifts, we sat down to another wonderful breakfast. Vickie had started working on breakfast the night before, she had a huge pan of French Toast soaking overnight, ready to pop into the oven for Christmas breakfast. She served it with heated syrup and fresh blueberries. It was awesome!

The only bad news for the day is the weather. There is a huge blizzard coming our way. We are going to have to leave early so we can miss all the snow. We had planned to drive back through Paducah, Kentucky tomorrow, but now we will have to go back through St. Louis and leave this morning. Paducah is getting pounded with heavy snow and wind.

Our next update will be from St. Louis, Mo. Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year!

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