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What a beautiful highway

Another great view

I think I will just leave the captain blank




This is along side of the road

Mother Nature at her best

Bear Glacier

Nice Huh?




And this is all along side the road

The viewing platform

Everyone is waiting

Here they come

Look at her rip this fish apart

Look at her stare

Here comes the male

Oh my. Ask and ye shall receive. We woke up this morning to the most beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was 42 degrees. Before leaving, I took some pictures of Mountain Shadow RV Park. We sure wish we had more than an overnight because this was one relaxing place to stay. Our neighbor said that they saw a bull moose in the lake yesterday morning. I would have loved to see that. When I got in the truck to leave, my wet hair from the shower was FROZEN. Well we soon solved that. We just got on the road again and headed south. I don't know what we missed in the rain yesterday but what we saw today more than made up for it. Every time we turned a corner, the scenery just got better and better. At times you felt like you would just burst. Incredible.

Yesterday we saw a fox and a moose during the rain and today, we saw a mama bear and two cubs walking down by the river. There was a pull out right after the bridge so Bill wheeled in and grabbed the camera. He looked like he was running a 100 yard dash back to the bridge where we saw them, but they were already gone. What a disappointment.

We saw field after field of the fireweed that had grown as tall as we are and along side some of the red berry trees, it was awesome. I have some fantastic pictures of them.

When you turn off Hwy 37 to the Stewart/Hyder road, you are driving in a Fjord surrounded by glaciers and water falls. The entire 40 miles is beautiful. We stopped at the grocery store in Stewart to get orange juice and milk. 1qt of milk and 1/2gal of orange juice set us back $9.00 so don't run out of that if you can help it. Stewart is a small town of about 550 people but seems to have everything that they need in a little town. Hyder has about 87 residents. It is so cute. They bill themselves as being the "Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska." You have to be here to believe it. We are staying at the Run-A-Muck RV Park. We have full hook-ups and 30 amp for $20.00 per night. There is free wifi when you stay here but you have to go down the road to get on.

Three miles up the road from here is the bear viewing platform and the park promises that we will see bears going for the fish and lately wolves have joined them. She told us to be there between 7 and 10 tonight. At 10 they kick you out. (you can't be there without a forest ranger.) We are so excited. I promise we will get back to you later. Again, the pictures might take awhile to get loaded but do come back...................

WE'RE BACK..... And was it fun. We went up the road about three miles to the bear viewing area. The Tongess National Forest Service put up a boardwalk to provide a safe viewing area of the bears. Was it ever nice. We went up to find the bears shortly before 7:00pm and had to park way up the road because of all the traffic. Because the bear walk on the highway to get to Fish Creek, they had even extended the boardwalk way up the road for our safety. Thank you very much. We sure felt a lot better. There are even automatic closures on the entrances of the boardwalk so that nobody leaves one open and allows animals on the walk. We found a spot to watch the action and waited and waited and waited. The creek was loaded with spawning salmon. It was fun to watch them but we were anxious to see the bears. Not to disappoint us, we spotted a black bear walking back and forth across the river. It was so far away though that we couldn't get a picture. It was way past the boardwalk. That did get everyone excited though and soon we were rewarded for our patience. A very big Mama Grizzly came out of the woods followed by not one, not two, but three cubs. Oh for fun. We watched her for about an hour. She was tearing the skin off the salmon and giving the fish to the little ones. Then she filled her face for a long time. The cubs were romping and playing just like you see on the TV shows. Mama kept looking down the river and would stand up on two legs and stare for the longest time. Finally we saw why. A male grizzly was walking right up the middle of the creek. He got some fish and went to the shore to eat it. When he came back again, the mama bear saw him and made a load command to the cubs. They were gone before you could even blink. I found out later that the male bears will kill the young bears if they get a chance trying to force the female into heat sooner. Boy were we glad she got away. That would have been awful to watch.

It has been a most exciting day today. I can't wait until I have better signals so I can post our pictures......................

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