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Since we hadn't been out of the park in a couple days, we decided to hike the desert again. Don had a specific ridge in mind for us to explore. This entailed circling the RV storage lot and sewer ponds. We followed burro trails as far as we could but did not see a way up to the ridge. So Don went on down the ravine, which was turning out to be a dead end. When I saw that I started up the side. It looked liked a fair burro trail,but it petered out pretty quickly. And I was left on the side of the hill, in a not too stable position. The ground had gotten very unstable, with the dirt sliding out from under me and even the rocks crumbling and sliding. I went as far as I could, then asked Don to come over on the path above me so I could hold onto his leg or foot or walking stick to help pull myself up. He of course took this opportunity to grab me by the seat of my pants to "assist." Kind of reminded me of our adventures on the rocks at Falls Creek Falls State Park. At any rate, we made it up gto the top, not on the ridge we were shooting for, and back down the same trail we had come down on the other day.

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