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Margaret Crow with Mother's Day Bouquet of Tulips

Margaret Crow Admiring Mother's Day Bouquet of Tulips

Today I went over to Margaret Crow’s house to take her to lunch and to the supermarket. When I arrived, there was a long box in front of her door which turned out to be a Mother’s Day gift from her daughter, Shannon. It was a large bouquet of tulips of various colors and a nice vase. The tulips were not yet fully opened but were lovely nevertheless.

Recently Margaret spent quite a long time in the hospital with pneumonia and other issues and now her doctor does not want her to start driving again for at least another week. She is not happy with the restriction. We went first to Whataburger for lunch and then to her favorite H-E-B. I think she was a little tired after that.

From Margaret’s house I went to my local Randall’s to vote in a special election concerning Prop. 1 to determine whether Uber and Lyft (ride-hailing companies) will have to fingerprint their drivers. They have spent huge amounts of money on advertising to fight that requirement. Cab drivers have to do it but these two companies think they should be allowed to operate under different rules.

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