Here and There With Daisy 2015 travel blog

This morning I had to be up very early (for a retired person anyway) to report to Bailey Square Surgery Center by 6:30. My surgery was scheduled for 9:00 but there’s a lot to do beforehand. The surgery went without a hitch and I was out of the center by 10:00. I was relieved that I wasn’t sick this time; the anesthesiologist put some anti-nausea medicine in the mix. My eye burned and watered a lot right after the surgery but it soon calmed down and felt fine the rest of the day.

Val White was my faithful chauffeur. She went out for breakfast while I was there. On the way to her house we stopped at McDonald’s for my breakfast. Later, after a light lunch of soup and crackers, we played RummiKub for a while. This evening I treated her to dinner at Maudie’s Tex Mex and then she took me home.

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