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Carpe at Riverside Casino RV Park

Nevada route 160 east of Pahrump

NV 160 west of Las Vegas

We approach Searchlight on US 95
This is a notorious speed trap

Bob eases thru Searchlight at 16 mph
We're lucky he didn't get cited...

Bad accident at US 95 & NV 163 intersection

Laughlin, NV & Bullhead City, AZ

Casino Drive in Laughlin

View of Laughlin (hotels) & Bullhead City
The storms have passed and we...

Dual Anniversary Party, 50 & 51 years

If there are RVers there will be food!

Fri, 12 Oct: And the rains came... We had some weather move thru the Las Vegas Valley yesterday (Thursday) that got our attention. And we thought we'd seen some thunderstorms having lived in the midwest.

It rained, thundered, and blustered most of yesterday, but it held the grand finale for after we went to bed. Shortly before midnite the rains started and just when we didn't think it could rain any harder it did! It was so loud we couldn't talk to one another, we had to yell. And then there were two cracks of thunder that shook the coach. Had to be a ground strike, and close.

Fortunately, there were no power problems and we did not find any water leaks in the coach. But our adrenalin was so pumped from that lightning strike that it took us quite a while to go back to sleep again.

We awoke shortly after seven and enjoyed our morning tea and breakfast. The clouds were threatening but the rain held so we could dump the holding tanks and get the coach ready for the road. We rolled wheels shortly before nine and drove a whopping four miles to a Maverick station that was selling diesel for "only" $4.089/gallon. Have we become acclimated to the "new normal" under Obama that we prefix > $4/gallon fuel with "only"?

After topping Carpe's tank we pulled out of the station at 0907 and Sandi drove 68 miles to the Costco in Henderson (east Las Vegas). We did some Costco shopping and then Bob took the helm for the 85 mile run to Laughlin. Our route was along NV 160, I 215, local streets, I 515, US 95, NV 163, and local streets. The weather was alternately sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, and whatever else one can expect at the tail end of a departing weather system.

We are now at the Riverside Casino RV Park. We'll be in Laughlin two days, mostly exchanging "stuff" to and from our storage unit. We put lotsa stuff in storage rather than haul it to Alaska, so now we'll reverse the process and move it back. We also hope to offload as much as we onload to keep our weight within limits.

Sat, 13 Oct: We had a very productive day yesterday and today. We got all of our "stuff" exchanged into and out of the storage shed. We did a Sam's Club "run" which yielded some items that are only available from Sam's. We even bought two new folding chairs as the ones we bought four years ago are beginning to show their age (our weight has nothing to do with it...)

AND, we got invited to a double anniversary party. The folks in the coach next to ours left a note inviting us to honor two other couples who were celebrating their 50 and 51 anniversaries. There was quite a crowd from the park and, as with all gatherings of RVers, copious quantities of victuals. Wow, 51 years!

We're planning to take the free shuttle bus from our site to the hotel for dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant. It won't be the same without Ray & Cathie, but we trust they're having a great time visiting the Grand Canyon.

Trip Summary
Miles this leg: 155.0
Total miles since Casa Grande: 10,050.7

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