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As we live this transient life style I often stop to marvel how difficult it would have been if we had tried to live this way when we were young. We can remember loading up on traveler's checks, trying to anticipate how much money we would need for a trip. There was that one year when we returned to Seattle from Asia with $5 between us. If a kindly campground owner hadn't cashed our personal check, we'd probably still be there! We also had cash flow problems because we would leave for the summer before we were paid for the summer. Everyone today knows how these problems were solved. With ATM's and electronic banking, we don't have any more cash flow concerns than we would living at home.

What to do with the mail was also an issue in olden times, since the post office will not hold mail for more than a month. Over the years we imposed on various friends and family members to help with this chore. Now everything goes to a mail forwarding service that sends it on to us whenever we let them know where we are even as far away as Hawaii. Since we are here in the Rio Grande Valley for at least a month, we get regularly weekly deliveries and can even order things online. A replacement for the broken water faucet is due to arrive here by FedEx today. If we're not home, he'll just leave the box on the door step.

When we lived at home we tried to be good citizens, paying attention to every election and casting our votes. The last few years we've regretted missed some of these. But now we've got that figured out as well. We went on our county's website and had an absentee ballot mailed here. We went online to study the candidates and probably voted better informed than we do at home when we have relied on remembering what we had read and heard. Hope that local library will finally get built.

However, there is an issue that we are still working on - health insurance. It seems that's all we hear about on the news these days, but until we are old enough for social security, we are virtually uninsured as soon as we leave home. According to the fine print the HMO will only cover us in an emergency. And I would not be surprised if their definition of an emergency would not necessarily match mine. I applied for Away Care since we are going to be here for a while and received a phone call questioning our address here. I had included the name of the campground in the application, so we tried leaving that off. I'm still waiting to hear. Maybe the authorization will finally come through about the time we are ready to move on...

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