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The Bozeman Trail


Leaving the Big Horn Mountains

Natural Gas stations all along the route

Real Cowboys

Rounding up the herd

Change in scenery

Pretty cool huh?

Great fixer upper


Clouds coming in at Sundance


Really dark now


Storm's over




South Dakota Rest Stop

Coming into the Black Hills

Well I have to tell you that I was pretty down all day on Saturday after leaving our family in Billings. Every time I thought about them, I got tears in my eyes wondering what I would miss in the next months before seeing them again.

The ride was still very scenic and we had planned on getting to Gillette before stopping for the day. The first 150 miles or so was a repeat of the route we had taken to get to Billings but then at Buffalo we veered off on I-90 E. When we arrived in Gillette, we went to the first campground that we found in our Trailer Life book and it was the pits so we continued on to another one that we saw advertised on the highway. When we got there, it was closed for the weekend. What a joke. It was full of people that work in the area just as the other one was. I don’t know why they even advertise when they don’t have room for travelers. We continued up the road for another 20 miles or so and saw another ad fro a campground….. You guessed it. There were about 6 spots and all were full with campers that probably have been there for a year or more. GRRR.

We wound up almost in South Dakota before we found a site at Sundance, WY. It was a great campground and we were glad that we had trudged on even though we had to drive longer than we have in months.

Once we got set up, we watched the clouds come and listened to the weather radio telling us about a storm coming in with quarter size hail and winds up to 60 mile’s per hour. Well it didn’t get that bad but we almost pulled our slides in to keep the awnings from tearing off. It was an awesome storm. I tried to capture the lightening on camera but I never could. Soon the sun was back out and it was beautiful…

Sunday morning we lazed around for a bit because we were meeting some RV friends in the Black Hills at the Hart Ranch. We have always wanted to see what the Hart RV Ranch Resort was like and former Montana Owner, Sharon McKay, has a membership here. She offered us one of her guest passes to stay there for next to nothing and we took her up on the invitation. We tried to time our arrival with theirs but when we stopped for breakfast in Spearfish and called her, they were almost here so we arrived about an hour behind. Sharon met us at the lodge and helped us get checked into a great site.

The last time I saw Sharon, she was a widower that full-timed in her Montana but since then, she has remarried and now has a beautiful Phaeton Motor Coach. We toured each other’s home and relaxed until dinner time when She and Don picked us up to go out to dinner. They gave us a tour of the Hart Ranch and told us the history while we drove to a great Mexican Restaurant. We overate as usual and when we got home I think they must have put sleeping powder in the food cuz I laid down on the couch and didn’t wake up until past my bedtime. I forced myself to get up and go to bed where I promptly fell right back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 6:45 this morning.

Well, here we are in the Black Hills with only one day to spend and guess what the forecast is? 60’s and rain… Bummer… Well, we didn’t let that bother us so be sure to come back to find out how our day went…………….Later……….

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