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Where the Klamath River meets the Pacific

Going this way next!

Patrick's Point Park northward

Beautiful morning

On edge

Rocky coast

Gotta see Paul Buyan and his blue ox

This elk was in someone's yard in the Redwoods

It was nice to be on land for awhile. At times it takes a few days to feel 'normal' again. This was a good stop. We traveled north to Crescent City and as far south as Shelter Cove and many points between. We had a rental car all week. Did I mention, this was the first time either of us have driven a car since June? Speed on land feels expeditious in spite of the obstacles (stops, signals, pedestrians). But travel at sea, though slow, really is a cool thing to do. One of the highlights is the sea life. Anytime now, we expect to see the gray whales migrating south through these waters. I hope to take pictures like my friend Heather on the catamaran Meerkat and recently published in the sailing mag Latitude 38. Go Heather!

We did a few nice hikes in the Avenue of the Giants, giant redwoods. Beautiful and cool which was nice during a hike since we have enjoyed really nice weather the last few days here. The hike to Patrick's Point was especially beautiful. Lately the weather has been sunny and warm. I'm liking this.

About the whisker pole - As it turns out, within an hour of my posted distress, Bob at Catalina Yachts had already contacted the Forespar Rep, Bruce. In another couple of days, they were stepping right up to get it repaired before we travel much further down the coast. Wow! Thanks so much to both of you.

Tomorrow at first light we continue south to ?? If weather is good we run, run, run. If things get ugly, we will duck into Fort Bragg or Bodega Bay. Time will tell, always does.

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