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Outdoor Dining Area at Chez Piggy

Walkway to Chez Piggy

Kingston City Hall & Farmers' Market

Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal - Beginning of Fall Colors

Rideau Canal - Moss on Rocks

Rideau Canal - Sunset

Rideau Canal - Sunset

Rideau Canal - Glenda Alexander

Our Campsites

This morning Barb and I were on the road by 9:00 because we wanted to be at our next destination, Kingston, Ontario, fairly early. Kingston is about 175 miles east of Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. It is called "The Limestone City" because it stands on a solid limestone foundation. Established in 1673, it is the oldest city in Ontario. The primary language here is English, but French is frequently heard. It is home to Canada's oldest degree-granting institution, Queen's University, as well as several others. It is also home to Canada's first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

We'll be spending the next two nights at the very lovely Rideau Acres Campground outside Kingston. It is situated on the Rideau Canal (Cataraqui River), which empties into Lake Ontario. The campsites are among many trees of several varieties.

I needed to buy a cotter pin for my tow bar because it did not come with one. I asked at the campground store if they had one. They didn't but they told me to ask the owner if he had any.

He was in the clubroom with several other people, watching slides from one of the men's trip to Egypt. The owner called his maintenance man and asked him to look for one. I waited in the clubroom and watched the slides, so the time was not tedious at all. Not only did the man find a cotter pin, but he also installed it on my tow bar. The owner wouldn't take any pay for it. Such a wonderful gesture! He told me that this had started out as a hobby 37 years ago and that he had never intended to make it a business.

In my haste to get set up at my campsite, I made a very careless error. I forgot to set my emergency brake on the car before unhooking it from the motorhome. It started rolling backward and I couldn't get to it in time to get the door open, so I pushed against it from behind to slow it down as much as I could for as long as I could. It rolled into the pickup across the street. Thank God, it didn't do any damage to the truck's bumper, but it dented poor Sweet Pea's right rear fender. I'll try to find a place to have it repaired back in the States somewhere. I've just about kicked off all my tail feathers because of this. :>)

After eating a little snack, Barb and I went to town to make reservations for a 1000 Islands cruise tomorrow. The agent told us that our campground has $4 coupons for the tours and that we could wait until tomorrow to pay. Then we ate an early dinner at Chez Piggy (pronounced here as pig ee'), a very nice restaurant. The agent at the cruise company and a fellow at the campground both had highly recommended it. It is housed in a restored livery stable. It reminded me a little of an English close.

After returning to the campground, we walked along the water's edge taking photographs. The sunset wasn't dramatic but it was pretty and we certainly enjoyed it.

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