our setup on space 2p

overlookin the lake with whitecaps off in the distance.

our ideal spot has our chairs set up for nature watchin

We nosed into this site so, all the utilities had to be...

Dave goes fishing

and catches

and catches

and catches ! ? a fresh water clam? yep, the sinker was...

Dave shaved his beard for a visit to the dermatologist

Another short drive for us, this day about 146 miles, from Perry, to Macon then, cross country to I-20 and our destination. We arrived at the Army's Points West Resort and nosed into our space, so as to have our front window facing the lake. But, that creates other problems, if your not prepared, to bring all your electric, sewer and water connections under the RV to the other side. Dave has ensured that he'd have enough of everything in order to do so, as he'd planned for such occasions.

This is one of our fave places. We've been here many times, but this is the first time we've been without our beloved doggie, Bambi and our boat, Pearl. It's different but it's wonderfully pleasant and the lake is full. Dave got in a lot of fishing, catching and releasing at least one each time he ventured out, shore fishing. A strange thing happened while fishing, Dave caught a large freshwater clam. Evidently, while the clam was open, the fishing line passed over the clam causing it to close over the sinker. It clamped down hard, too. Using his pocket knife, he gently, discreetly partially pried open the clam just enough to release the sinker. When that little operation was finished he released the clam unharmed back into the lake.

Dave is established with a local dermatology office to get checked and taken care of while here. It's been a while since he'd been check under his beard, so he shaved. You'll see him in a picture, all cleaned up. Not bad, Dave!

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