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After the third night in a row of fighting that blow up kiddy mattress, I have had it! I am tired of waking up more tired than when I went to bed. Hopefully that was the final night of torture for awhile.

We drank our morning coffee and then began getting things ready to roll.

Guess what! It was raining again!

Jesse & Ginger ventured out in the cold temperatures, the brisk wind, and the steady drizzle to give us a hug and say “So Long”, as we pulled out of the campground about 7:40.

Twenty minutes later we pulled into Cross RV and went inside.

They took down the list of items we had for them to work on and added a few more new items.

While we were doing that, the door opened and two people walked in. I recognized them but was unable to put a name to the faces for a few minutes. It was Bill & Bobbie! We had first met these nice folks in San Antonio and then again later in the Llano Grande resort in the Rio Grand Valley.

They also have a Mobile Suites and were having some work done.

We chatted for awhile before Marilyn & I decided to leave to get a bite of breakfast and drive up to the Doubletree Factory to pick up our new Select Comfort mattress.

We had ordered our meal when Bill & Bobbie came in the door. Evidently they had the same idea as us and happened to select the same restaurant, so we all sat together and visited some more.

We left about the same time and drove to the factory where the Mobile Suites is manufactured.

Marilyn & I left with the new mattress and several small bottles of stain to touch up some minor scratches on the woodwork in our RV.

Back at Cross RV, I gave them the new bed and they began installing it immediately. Great!

The water faucet was another issue. Marilyn & I took off for another town to the east of LaGrange to Menard’s, where we picked up a new kitchen faucet.

Back at Cross RV once again, we were told that Lippert was going to replace the front axle on our rig, as well as the left landing gear on the front, the hydraulic pump and the reservoir, all under warranty.

Paul Cross had also discovered a part in the hydraulic brake system that could be a potential problem. That will be covered too.

Marilyn & I finally called Jesse & Ginger to make plans to meet them in Shipshewana for dinner at the Blue Gate restaurant.

We shared a delicious meal, served family style, and then added a very tasty dessert. That was not needed.

I felt so sleepy after eating that I just wanted to lie down and go to sleep.

That was either a result of the wonderful meal, or the result of staying awake most of the last three nights to battle that darned blow up mattress. LOL

We all walked around looking at interesting things in shops, but they were closing up by this time so we waddled back to the truck, waved so long to our friends, and headed east toward our RV.

Paul had pulled our RV outdoors, hooked it up to power, added some water to the fresh water tank, ran the slides out and had it ready for us to spend the night.

When we walked inside the RV, we noticed immediately that the bed was finished. All we had to do was to make it up and adjust the firmness. Great!

The new window had been installed as well as the new kitchen faucet, and the night lights in the kitchen and bath were working fine. Several drawers had been repaired also.

Other than our hydraulic issues, the primary things remaining are the washer and dryer installation and the toilet seal, along with the construction of a shelf to hold the DVR.

We’ll be driving over to another nearby town to have the hydraulic issues taken care of.

So, I’ll get these journal entries posted as soon as possible.

I will continue to write each day and post them as soon as we have a Wi-Fi connection.

After all, you just never know what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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