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We roll into Melbourne, right on time and having found some accomodation a few nights prior headed for the hotel, road weary and barely able to deal with a big city. But it was easy enough to negotiate and we found the right tram and got on going the right direction (nevermind it was at the end of the line and we could only go one direction).

Stopping almost directly in front of our place was planned, I would like to think. A shower, a great meal, a good nights rest and a load of laundry and we were ready to go. So we make a few phone calls to see how we might get to Adelaide in the next few days. And lo and behold, there's another relocation possible: to Perth, 3700 km away on the west coast and we need to be there by Friday!

We both had hoped to be able to get to Perth but the cost just to get there was enough to stop considering it, never mind the cost to get back. So 5 days, but the van and almost all the petrol is free. Well this is too good to pass up.

We hastily arrange to check out of the hotel, pack up our freshly clean ( and still slightly damp clothes) and head out to pick up our van. Two trams, a taxi and 1.5 hours later, we finally arrive at the campervan store. After mountains of paperwork, tons of instructions and so many keys they wouldn't fit in the palm of your hand, we were off to Perth in a beautiful big campervan. This, to two backerpackers, was luxury on 4 wheels.

A quick stop at the supermarket and bottle shop and we were off.......

Till next,


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