We only saw one car on the main strip.. wowser!!

A lot of closed signs all over town..

Duck feeding area Lake Taneycomo..


People fishing on one of the docks..

Boats for rent...

Jerry's choice dock for fishing when it warms up a bit..

American Coots hoping for a hand out.. :-)

Bluebirds enjoying our heated bird bath..

Last one!

Jerry and I are both feeling much better. Thanks a million for all the calls, e-mail and best wishes for us to get well.

We got out today and watched the ducks swim at Lake Taneycomo. We saw a few people at the fishing docks, it is way too cold today for Jerry to fish. We had a few snow flurries this morning, but no accumulation.

We were shocked to see how many places in town are closed for the season. We saw a lot of "see you in March" signs on the windows. We only saw ONE car ahead of us on the main strip. Wow!

We knew all the shows closed in Branson after Christmas, but we were truly surprised to see the city this empty. We are happy to see most of the restaurants are still open. We used one of our Christmas gift cards and had a great lunch at Red Lobster. Thanks Vickie & Ed!

We are both getting "hitch-itch" anyway, it must be time to move on soon. :-) We are planning a few fishing trips and a lot of relaxation for the rest of the month before we start our journey to the Gulf Coast.

I am adding a few pictures of the city and the ducks at Lake Taneycomo. I also captured three beautiful bluebirds enjoying our heated bird bath this week and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more from Branson.

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