Butterfly Palace..


Jerry in the butterfly chair..

They have special feeding areas..

They also have stunning birds flying around..

Another view..



Jerry having fun..:-)

The angel in the background is a real lady...awesome!

We had to be very careful, they were even on the floors..

The angel..

She moved and shocked us all.. :-)

Waterfalls with turtles too...







The awesome 18 foot tree..










We loved it and highly recommend to all..








Elvis too.. :-)


They have a cool gift shop with all kinds of butterfly items...

Loved this butterfly tree..

Last one!

We had another awesome adventure in Branson today. We visited the Butterfly Palace and had thousands of stunning, exotic butterflies fluttering all around us. If you sit still long enough, they even land on you. We also tried walking through the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze, but it was too much for us. It was really dark and full of mirrors making it look like you were moving in the right direction, after we hit the mirrors a few times, we were ready to get out of that one. We needed one of our grandkids to show us the way with that one. :-)

The butterfly show going on now is called "White Flight". It has thousands of white butterflies that flutter like living snowflakes amid an indoor rainforest. It also has thousands of twinkling lights with a tall 18 foot poinsettia tree. One of the most outstanding parts of the tour was the living angle statue. I had to look several times before realizing she was real. Even her eyelids were painted white. Everyone was amazed watching her when she moved and shocked us all.

Each ticket for the adventure also includes the opportunity to view a 45-minute documentary about the monarch migration and explore the Banyan Bungee Adventure, Emerald Forest Mirror Maze, and Living Rainforest Science Center! We learned a lot by watching the documentary. We also enjoyed seeing the exotic fish (piranhas) and salamandars and more in the Living Rainforest. This is another "must see" when visiting Branson.

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check back later for a couple more updates from Branson. We have a few more "must sees" in the area before leaving at the end of the month.

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