The drive was 5 miles and over 250 acres..



When they see your car, they come up close for treats..




























Too... up close.. :-)



I want more... :-)

Animals everywhere you was cool!




Loved the mama and baby..

Got anymore??

My side too.. :-)

It goes on for miles..





Buffalo ...







Loved the hair-do on this one.. :-)




We did not feed this one...scary.. :-)

Back to the caged area..

Our car windows agree with this one.. :-)

Cool gifts..

The caged area...I liked seeing them in the wild much more..




More feeding...






Last one!

We had quite a "wild" day today. We visited the Wild Animal Safari in Strafford, Missouri. It is only about 50 miles from Branson, we were told not to miss this, we are so glad we went, it was incredible!

What makes this park so much fun is seeing the animals up close and personal. They have learned that people in the cars driving through the park have special treats for them. They follow your car all over the park and come right up to your window for the treats. Jerry almost caught his finger in the window trying to close it fast when a camel shocked him by putting his head in. :-) We fed so many different animals, it was a blast.

You can drive through the Wild Animal Safari from the comfort of your own vehicle, or go along with their complimentary bus tour lead by an Animal Safari tour guide. We chose to drive our own car so we could stop and take more pictures etc. The drive is 5 miles long and takes you through over 250 acres! We were face to face with two different camels, American Bison, Elk, Water Buffalo, Wildebeest running free, Zebras, pot-bellied pigs and much more. They also have a caged area with rare white tigers and much more.

After our drive through the park, we visited the gift shop and purchased an extra container of food before going into the caged area. The price for admission was only $12.99 for seniors and $3 for each bag of food for the animal treats.

You can drive through the park as many times as you wish. It was awesome and we highly recommend it to everyone! I hope you enjoy all the photos.

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