Ali & Ron from Branson View RV Park

Ron and our awesome site at Branson View RV Park

This will be our last update from Branson. We have enjoyed our stay and will definitely be back. We met a lot of new friends. Branson View RV Park is one of the nicest ones we have stayed in and the price is only $330 a month...INCLUDING electricity, cable and wifi. What a deal!

Ron and Ali Workentin are the managers, they do an awesome job. They have spoiled us with mail delivery and even garbage pick up right at our door. Jerry is going to have to get used to taking the garbage out again. :-) If you are in Branson, don't miss this incredible campground.

We did have a bit of a scare today, our weather changed from beautiful to rain and thunderstorms in a flash, a tornado was spotted nearby at Lake Taneycomo. We had to go to the RV Park office for safely until it passed. We could hear alarms blasting for people to evacuate. That was a close one, we are thankful it missed us.

We will be leaving in the morning heading toward the Gulf Coast. We are checking out several Army Corp parks in the area on the way and will be sure to update about them. Check back later for more from somewhere in Arkansas.

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