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Bangkok is a delightful place to eat, eat, and eat! Although this city is full of sites to see, we only had one day before we had to show up to our Elephant Volunteer Program in Cha-am, so we spent our day walking down the streets and trying all the delicious street food offered here. What you eat off the streets is often more sanitary than the restaurants. Plus, the selection you have is absolutely incredible! There's a variety of Thai dishes from curries to stir fries, different selection of soups, plus all kinds of fried things from fried chicken, fried seafood, fried bananas, to fried crickets. There's also sweet rice wrapped in banana leaves and grilled. Our two favorite things to purchase during the middle of the day were fresh tropical fruits chilled in ice and freshly blended fruit smoothies. These were great in helping us deal with the sticky heat. Wow, we couldn't believe how humid it was here. We could literally feel the weight of the water vapor on our shoulders when we descended from the plane.

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