Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Worse night so far sleep-wise! Very out of sorts worrying and dreaming.

Gòod drive out on 'Ken' to shops, a view-point with steps and rocks going up to it (couldn't manage it with flip-flops), the harbour and to watch the kite-surfers. Still a bit cool.

Sadly took Ken back for 4pm.

Petrol gauge stuck on full but I think it was when we picked it up!

Spoke to Brian & Pat on Skype, haven't been cloned afterall which is a relief! Can't really work out that we went over £4,500 since the beginning of December.. no point in worrying about it now!

Went to The Very Good Restaurant, Tim had Pad Thai, I had a green curry with lots of fresh veg in. (Prefer Tim's though).

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