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Carpes on their "home turf" at RoVer's Roost

Interstate 10 west of Phoenix

Pulling into I 10 Rest Stop for driver change

Sat, 07 Nov: Back "home" again...

This stop in Quartzsite was a wonderful way to relax following the stress of travel and having Carpe Diem in the shop. Boondocking in the desert forces one to slow down and take things easy. We should do this more frequently.

Once we got ourselves set up yesterday afternoon we dug out our computers and updated this Journal. There was plenty of sun to charge our batteries and provide sufficient 110v AC for running the computers and other reduced-load appliances. But, as evening approached we turned off our inverter which left us with ample 12v DC power but no AC.

We can cope with this... The computers were stashed away and we didn't worry about deploying our satellite dish and see what was on "the tube". Rather we turned on the radio and our reading lites.

But first, let's not forget the civilities available to well-prepared boondocking RVers. We enjoyed Happy Hour complete with shrimp cocktails and our usual bourbon. Then dinner, reheated chicken and veggies. No microwave??? Not to worry, we have steamers for just that purpose which we deployed on our LP fueled stove.

Before turning in we fired up our LP fueled water heater and enjoyed long and hot showers. Then to bed where we read until sleep claimed us. It was cold in the desert with temperatures dropping into the low forties. We had an extra blanket and, as morning approached, the bedroom LP furnace.

We awoke when we awoke, which turned out to be when the sun peeked over the eastern mountains. We got dressed and brewed a pot of hot tea while the front furnace warmed the salon and galley areas. Since we weren't in any big hurry we took our time. Sandi made omelets, which we enjoyed as we looked over the vast desert surrounding us. The only sounds were of traffic on nearby Arizona 95.

Following breakfast we cleaned up and went thru our checklists. Engine started, Bob rolled wheels about 0940 and we headed south on AZ 95. In short order we entered Quartzsite and picked up Interstate 10 east toward Phoenix. Quartzsite is pretty much a ghost town this early in the season. Traffic was lite and many of the businesses not yet open.

Once on I 10 we made good time. Just west of Tonopah we switched drivers at a convenient rest stop. Sandi continued east to Buckeye, with a lunch stop at a truck stop. Then south on AZ 85 to Gila Bend where we then headed east on I 8. Before heading for RoVer's Roost, our "home park", we continued east two exits to Thorton Road and then north to Gila Bend Hwy and an Express Stop that sells diesel and is EZin/EZout.

With Carpe's tank full we headed west on Gila Bend Hwy a few miles to Montgomery Road and RoVer's Roost. We arrived at the park half past two and were all settled in by three. Today's travel distance was 200 miles with a fuel economy of 8⅓ mpg.

We expect this to be our final RV outing of 2015. We will "roost" here thru Thanksgiving and into early December. We'll be busy with medical appointments for our annual checkups and procedures. Then, in mid December we'll close up the coach and take the car to California and a holiday cruise to Hawai`i. But, more about that as the time gets closer.

Tue, 15 Dec: Heading out for a cruise to Hawaii...

We've been very busy doing retirement stuff, which really means looking busy while not really accomplishing very much. Doctor appointments seem to have consumed way too much time, but thus far everything appears to be in order.

Tomorrow we'll head west to Los Angeles to board the Ruby Princess for a two week cruise to Hawaii. We'll drive the car from Casa Grande and park it in San Pedro while we're bobbing about the Pacific.

This will most probably be the final post of 2015. Cruise details will be found in early 2016 posts.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season from the Wandering Swansons...

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