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This morning I had a follow-up visit with my ophthalmologist and everything checked out just fine. There were no problems in the operated right eye and the virus in the left eye is behaving itself (if, indeed, an incurable virus can be considered to be behaving!). He said that I could buy some “drugstore” reading glasses and that I should not worry about being unable to read with my left eye. I really don’t have to wear sunglasses because the implanted lens has a protective UV filter. However, sunglasses would just be for comfort so I probably will wear them on really bright days.

He also said that I don’t have to wear the eye guard anymore, not even when I sleep, because my eye is healing well. That was good news. I just have to be diligent about taking my three eye drops as prescribed. He told me that I could go back to my Silver Sneakers exercise classes but that I should stay out of the water. That’s no deal breaker because I don’t swim anyway; I’m allergic to chlorine.

My next appointment is scheduled for July 9, at which time the doctor will prescribe temporary glasses. If the left eye is still behaving at that time, we will discuss cataract surgery on it. I’ll be glad when that step is completed.

Another faithful friend, Linda Seelke, took me to the doctor’s office this morning. Such people are priceless gems.

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