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This morning my first order of the day was a visit with my primary care physician, Dr. Byrd, as ordered by Seton Hays Emergency Department. Dr. Byrd ordered blood work done while fasting. He gave me a long list of places where I could have it done. One of them is here in Kyle, which is most convenient at this time. I’ll get it done first thing next week. Dr. Byrd is concerned about my high cholesterol level but he is not pushing me to take statin drugs. I’m hoping that it can be lowered by diet. He said that I should concentrate on plant foods and that’s okay because I prefer vegetables and fruits anyway.

Next stops were Central Market and Whataburger. Then we went to Hanger Clinic to have more adjustments made to my brace. I had the practitioner trim away some of it under my arms and all around the bottom. It still is very restrictive but I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

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