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Carpe Diem (& Dinkum) at Escapees Cooperative in Pahrump

A whole lot of nothing along US 95 south of Tonopah

The intersection to NV 160 and Pahrump

More nothing along NV 160 north of Pahrump

A classic look at geological "upthrusting" along NV 160

Welcome to Pahrump

Escapees Pahrump cooperative "Pair-A-Dice"

Sunset in Pahrump

We're Wearing Shorts Again!

Tue, 09 Oct: We're back in the desert. After parking we quickly changed into shorts for the first time in months (are our legs ever white) and turned on the air conditioning.

We're in the Escapees Cooperative park, Pair-A-Dice in Pahrumnp, Nevada. We left the Banc Casino and Restaurant's free RV parking area at 0853 and drove south along Main Street Tonopah. It is a busy town with casinos on both sides of the road and the obligatory 25 mph speed limit trap.

Once clear of town US 95 headed south and southeast through just about the largest concentration of nothing we've seen in quite a while. This is typical high desert and we feel quite at home here. We switched drivers just outside of Butte and continued another forty or so miles to the intersection with Nevada Route 160. South on NV 160 another thirty some miles to Pahrump, today's destination.

While driving along NV 160 we encountered some very interesting rock formations. They clearly show the origin of this high desert with the upthrusting rock strata. While we're not trained geologists this formation struck us as classic "Geology 101" stuff. See the pix we shot...

The Escapees park is on the south side of town so we got to drive thru Pahrump (at 25 mph) to the park, where we arrived a few minutes before noon. Today's drive was short, only 172 miles. Because of the relatively level terrain and no traffic Carpe averaged 9½ mpg according to the trip computer.

We got settled into a nice size site with full utilities including 50 amps of electricity. Since we expect we'll be using the air conditioning during the day that's a good thing.

Our plans are to stay here through Friday at which time we'll drive another 170 or so miles to Laughlin. We'll have to drive through Las Vegas to get there so a Costco stop will probably be in the cards. We regret that our dear friends Cathie and Ray are out of town in their RV so we won't get to visit with them this time. Bummer as getting a "Bailey Fix" is good tonic for the spirits.

This'll probably be a few days of down time so not sure how much sightseeing we'll undertake. There is a winter storm alert posted for high winds and possible thunderstorms so staying close to home might be a good option.

Trip Summary
Miles this leg: 172.1
Total miles since Casa Grande: 9,895.7

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