Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

Early morning mist over Louang Prabang

Kouang Si waterfall

The force of the falls

Fishermen ready for the day ahead

Anna reporting:

Today's goal was to beat the heat and our first effort was to get up super early (for us). By 6.45am we were sitting in the grounds of a temple that is set on a hill in the centre of the town. There were 250 steps to the summit and even without the hot sun we were pooped by the time we got to the top. Fortunately we had the place to ourselves and spent an hour taking in the view and chatting.

As the first worshippers started to arrive laden with flowers and incense for the Buddha we left and went for breakfast. Danny gave into his cereal craving and ordered museli for breakfast. We all know he was dreaming of Weetos as he munched through the bowl. The cereal reminded us of something funny we had seen on TV on our last night in China - a business programme about Nestle which claimed that their cows in China were happier and more productive because they had shown the farmers how to pat their heads with a special brush.

The very milk that the TV programme had been about made another unexpected appearance later in the day. We had hired a boat to some beautiful waterfalls 25kms from Louang Prabang. As we were walking to the top of the falls we came upon a small animal sanctury which had abandoned bears and an Asian Tiger which it cared for funded by the donations of visitors. I cannot believe we got so close to a baby bear. It was being fed with that Nestle baby milk we saw on TV and has beenlaughing about at breakfast!

The waterfalls were blissful. After little persuasion I joined Danny in the water and we bathed in the bluegreen waters until we felt ready for lunch. Luckily we had come prepared and had some cheese baguettes and Lao crisps to eat. After lunch we went down to the lower fallls. Also beautiful. I guess the pictures will speak for themselves.

It was gone 4 before we made it back to the boat and headed back to Louang Prabang. The boat owner earned in one day what Danny or I could make in an hour. I hope he gets a fare for tomorrow too - he told us that he has lived and worked on the boat for 8 years.

The couple we were with had a pair of sunglasses that they didn't like and so gave them to him. He was really pleased with them and wanted to return them not understanding that they were a gift. His two year old daughter was on the boat with us and asked for nothing other than to sit next to ger Daddy. She seemed perfectly content eventhough there was not a toy to be seen.

Day 77 complete

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